Business Owner Exit Strategies

As Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA®) using the Value Acceleration Methodology™, Hutchinson Family Offices is here to guide you through the journey of maximizing the value of your business, strengthening your personal financial plans, and aligning your personal goals before exiting or selling your business.

Maximizing Your Business Exit Strategy with a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®)

Are you a business owner considering the possibility of selling or exiting your company? Whether you’re planning for retirement, exploring new opportunities, or simply looking to take your business to the next level, it’s essential to approach the process strategically.

Exit planning is not merely about selling a business; it’s a comprehensive strategy to ensure you achieve your personal and financial objectives when the time comes to exit. It encompasses building a more valuable company, structuring your business to attract the right buyers, and aligning your exit goals with your life goals.

Hutchinson Family Offices Exit Planning Team can help you:

Maximize Your Business' Value

Discover proven strategies and expert insights that will enable you to enhance the value of your business. Learn how to effectively position your company, attract the right buyers, and optimize your financial position, ensuring you achieve the highest possible valuation upon exit.

Unlock Value Enhancement Techniques

Explore innovative approaches to enhancing the value of your business before exit. Learn strategies for optimizing operational efficiency, leveraging technology, diversifying revenue streams, and strengthening your competitive advantage. Gain insights that will differentiate your business in the marketplace and attract potential buyers.

Navigate the Complexities of Exiting Your Business

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate legal, tax, and financial considerations involved in the exit process. Industry experts and successful entrepreneurs will provide guidance on structuring deals, managing contractual obligations, minimizing tax liabilities, and protecting your interests throughout the transition.

Prepare for Life After Exit

Plan for a prosperous life after you exit your business. Learn how to effectively manage and invest your wealth, explore new entrepreneurial ventures, contribute to philanthropic causes, or enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Create a comprehensive roadmap for your post-exit journey, ensuring financial security and personal fulfillment.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Gain a competitive edge by staying informed about the latest industry trends, market dynamics, and regulatory changes. Our team will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and insights that will keep you ahead of the curve, enabling you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities.

The Value Acceleration Methodology™

Our approach to exit planning revolves around the Value Acceleration Methodology™, a proven framework designed to enhance the value of your business and align it with your personal goals.

The CEPA® Process:


Discovery and Assessment

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your business’s current state, your personal financial situation, and your long-term goals.


Value Enhancement

Our team of experts identifies opportunities to increase the value of your business, whether through operational improvements, strategic partnerships, or other growth strategies.


Exit Strategy Development

We work closely with you to create a customized exit strategy that aligns with your goals, whether it’s selling to a third party, transferring to a family member, or exploring alternative options like Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).



We help you execute your exit plan, ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken to maximize the value of your business and secure your financial future.


Continual Monitoring

We continuously monitor and adjust your exit plan as needed, adapting to changing market conditions and personal circumstances to ensure a successful exit.

Key Benefits of Working With Hutchinson Family Offices for Exit Planning

Certified Exit Planning Advisors bring a unique skill set to the table, combining financial expertise with a deep understanding of business strategy and personal financial planning. 


Holistic Approach

We take a comprehensive view of your business and personal financial situation, addressing all aspects of your exit strategy.



Our CEPA® designation signifies a high level of expertise in exit planning, ensuring that you receive guidance from a qualified professional.


Objective Perspective

We provide an unbiased perspective on your exit strategy, helping you make informed decisions.


Customized Solutions

We tailor our approach to your unique circumstances, ensuring that your exit plan aligns with your personal and financial goals.

Meet Our CEPA® Certified Team

Sherry Campbell

Sherry Campbell

Chief Executive Officer, CFP®, CDFA®, CEPA®

Ashley Madden

Ashley Madden

Director of Financial Planning Services, CPA, CFP®, CEPA®

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